Healing Father John

Caring about and for someone who has a serious disease can feel like a roller-coaster ride of hope and heartbreak.

When that someone is a charismatic, saintly, yet very human Catholic priest who has always ignored hi health, leaving it in the hands of the Almighty, it becomes a challenge.

john-nickasBesides caring about Father John, I imagined I could become his personal trainer-teach him new exercises, change his eating habits, get him to take responsibility for his health, and help him
to heal.


He tolerated my attempts with benevolent humor-and snuck in a donut or a piece of bacon whenever he could. Meanwhile, he modeled courage, acceptance, and unconditional love.

healing-imageBeing with Father John was exasperating, enlightening, fun, and life-changing as he launched me into a new “career” of activism.

Did my attempts to heal him ever have any effect? Or did he heal me? This book relives our journey together of contrariness, connection, and change.

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