My Books

Big Blue Box: An Immigrant Detention Story

A young girl shares her feelings on how immigrant detention breaks up her family and deprives her of her Daddy in this small paperback, written by Emily Kullmann and illustrated by Nancy-Jo Taiani.

Groundhog Morn

Humans may imagine that groundhogs can predict the arrival of spring, but Chuck, the groundhog, has a very different reason for coming out–and popping back in–on February 2nd.

The Mushroom’s Other HatMR Cover Rt

mushroom-lead-inDo fairies really dance within fairy rings on moonlit nights?

Amber, the mushroom, doesn’t seem to know. But she does know that she hates her ordinary-looking mushroom cap. She sets out to express her individuality but soon discovers much more about her fairy ring mushroom colony and about herself.

MishMish: Spy Cat  . . . .


. . . Follow this apricot-colored kitty as she spends her day snooping.

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In elementary school I was terrified whenever a teacher assigned an essay that might reveal any of my feelings. But, what’s more personal than a memoir?  Either my dfather-me-croppedetermination to introduce others to Father Nickas, his personal goal to teach me self-confidence, or both, resulted in my first book.

Healing Father John: A Journey of Contrariness,  Connection and Change- A memoir of  my relationship with Fr. John Nickas, a charismatic, life-changing priest.


A Night of Power: A Ramadan StoryA children’s story of friendship for the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan. More about the book, Ramadan and even Middle Eastern recipes here


Listen to a reading of a short, illustrated story, “House Hunting.”