My Books


The Mushroom’s Other HatMR Cover Rt

mushroom-lead-inDo fairies really dance within fairy rings on moonlit nights?

Amber, the mushroom, doesn’t seem to know. But she does know that she hates her ordinary-looking mushroom cap. She sets out to express her individuality but soon discovers much more about her fairy ring mushroom colony and about herself.


MishMish: Spy Cat  . . . .


. . . Follow this apricot-colored kitty as she spends her day snooping.

To learn more about MishMish visit my blog.

In elementary school I was terrified whenever a teacher assigned an essay that might reveal any of my feelings. But, what’s more personal than a memoir?  Either my dfather-me-croppedetermination to introduce others to Father Nickas, his personal goal to teach me self-confidence, or both, resulted in my first book.


Healing Father John: A Journey of Contrariness,  Connection and Change- A memoir of  my relationship with Fr. John Nickas, a charismatic, life-changing priest.





A Night of Power: A Ramadan StoryA children’s story of friendship for the Muslim Holy Month of Ramadan. More about the book, Ramadan and even Middle Eastern recipes here




Listen to a reading of a short, illustrated story, “House Hunting.”