MishMish: Spy Cat


Mimishmish-front-covershMish, an apricot kitty, tails everyone and investigates everything. She must be a spy.

Or might she be behaving like an ordinary house cat?


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The Inspiration for MishMish: Spy Cat
This story is almost real and written in memory of the real MishMish. She really made her first entrance among the day lilies and truly did every one of the things described in the book—only not in costume. But the child narrator is fiction.

“Your cat is a spy,” my adult daughter declared when she visited us and was tailed about the house by MishMish.

I had to agree with her. That was the inspiration for this story.

MishMish was more than a spy. Some people likened her behavior to a dog—meeting everyone at the door and expecting regular petting and play time. MishMish hmish-yoga-masterad almost human facial expressions. One friend refused to believe that; she felt that cat faces always looked the same. Until MishMish sneered at her.

Her book doesn’t mention MishMish’s relationship with Peter, the tuxedo cat who was already in residence when she insinuated herself into his and our lives.

That’s a whole other story.