More from the Shelter

Wednesday I learned that my favorite shelter cat, Black Jack, was adopted. I am happy for him, though I miss him. He’s an older, all black guy who can’t get enough petting and just loves to sit in the kitty nest. I figured he was perfect for someone who wblack-jack-nestingants the companionship of a cat, but is not looking for a lively kitten. Hope that’s who found him.

I worry about a couple of the older cats, particularly Mo. She is mostly white with black markings. Her best feature is her green eyes.  She was abandoned outside the shelter, stuffed into one carrier with Larry and Curly, who were each adopted in December. Mo is sweet, though not as outgoing as some of the other cats so I fear she’s too easy to be overlooked.mo2

A couple of adorable kittens have joined the adoption room. Nick—I don’t know who is picking the names; I might have called him Patches— is a lively one and would probably do well in a family with children. Nick has such a pretty facnick2e that I find myself referring to him as ‘her.’ How about that those eyes! He wears brown eyeliner!

He’s still doesn’t like to be held so I didn’t let him out to play; there are so many places in the room where a kitten can go and I cannot follow to retrieve him. But playing with a toy through his cage kept us both busy for 15 minutes.

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