Leo & Simone

These two beautiful cats came leo-simone
to the shelter when their person could no longer take care of them. Both of them are sweet-natured so it must have been a real hardship to give them up.

Leo is large and has Maine Coon in him. He enjoys having his long coat combed and probably was of the privileged class of cats who actually visited a groomer. leo

Simone is a real pussycat! She just can’t get enough stroking; throughly enjoying a petting session, she even shows her white belly. simone2

They must have had the run of a home because, when they are free to roam about the cat room, they immediately go to a door, seemingly expecting to be let out into a greater space–or possibly out doors? Being in a cage together, even a large cage, is beginning to get to the two. Leo occasionally lashes out with a paw while Simone wards him with a low growl.  The good news for these two is they’ve already been spoken for.  They are scheduled to enjoy a new home and a new person on Friday.

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