What’s cuter than a kitten?

Kitty May,17Five kittens, of course!

Five fluffy kittiesIt’s spring. That means new growth in cats as well as flowers. We’ve had four mother cats and their litters at the shelter recently. Three batches of kittens were spoken for at the “Kitty Shower” several weeks ago. Now Hyacinth has four tiny babies in isolation–a couple haven’t open their eyes yet. And these five little balls of fluff were found in someone’s garage and brought to the shelter.

Many of the cats retrieved from the hoard of 70 are still with us, and seemingly unadoptable, but two, named Clover and Dahlia, Clover & Dahliasomehow survived those awful conditions and remain sweet, lovable cats. They keep each other company and are awaiting adoption. Dahlia’s the long-haired one on the right. Clover was a surprise to me because for weeks she greeted me, and others, with a hiss. But it turned out that her ‘bark’ is much worse than her bite (which is none-existent.) She just melts when you reach over to pet her.

There’s really no one else ready for adoption except my latest favorite, Timmy. Timmy

He’s a large brown eight-year-old who can’t get enough petting–unless you stop to give him treats.  Then he stops to eat. Hope he soon finds the loving home he deserves.

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