Kitty Antics

Though I had been relating MishMIsh’s real story here, it’s too upsetting to continue with the details of our loss of that seven pounds of fluff and love. Instead, I’ll focus on her individuality and soon, the personalities of the cats I’ve been getting acquainted with at the animal shelter. 

I bet some people wonder if the real MishMish took all the poses drawn in her book. I recently found a picture of her sitting on the stair post. Okay, she was not wearing glasses, as in the book, but it always astonished me to find her perched there. It has to be an incredible balancing act to jump from the stairs—or floor, I never saw her getting into that position—and land perfectly on the square top of the post.  

So here’s the drawing:                                                 And here’s MishMish.


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