Shelter Stories

Absolutely no pets are allowed in our building. Had MishMish still been living when we were ready to move, we would not have moved here. But, now that we have, I’m getting my kitty fix at the Bloomfield Animal Shelter. I’ve been a volunteer for only three weeks, but the strangest thing has happened. When I get especially attracted to a cat, it gets adopted. It’s happened three times! 

I met Aiden the first week—didn’t even get a chance to take his picture. He is a truly sweet and beautiful tabby who loves human attention. But he has FIV— feline immunodeficiency virus. Who knew that cats have a version of that plague too? Unlike humans, he doesn’t have to be given medication to keep him well. The good news is that, kept inside in a one-cat family and fed a good diet, this loving cat has an excellent change of leading a healthy life. Aiden had spent over a year in the shelter and I expected to see much more of him. But when I came on week two, I learned that he had been adopted by a young couple. How wonderful for them all!

Then there was Frances. She’s an older lady who can’t get enough nuzzling but, when offered the chance to play in the room, prefers to remain in her cage. Frances had also spent over a year in the shelter.

And Larry. larryHe was found, abandoned in one carrier with two other cats, that the shelter people named Curly and Mo. I cannot imagine deserting three such lovely friends, nor can I imagine how anyone could stuff three cats into one carrier! I have trouble getting one cat into a carrier. Larry, the orange tabby and Curly, the older, elegant tuxedo were given a large cage to share at the shelter. Mo has her own place; she bullied the others, though by herself, she’s a sweetie. I fell in love with Larry, who loves petting and enjoys play.

To my surprise when I arrived on week three, both Frances and Larry had been adopted. 

Today I spent time with Black Jack—he’s totally black with one tiny white spot between his He is always first to meow when anyone enters the room and can never get enough petting. Rebecca, one of the staff, thinks he a long timer because people are still superstitious about black cats. But now that Black Jack is my latest favorite, I’m wondering if he’ll be adopted within the week.

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